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Subtle Flourish

Subtle Flourish


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Image Size:   27.5″ x 27.5″
Subtle Flourish
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Angela Maritz


Angela Maritz was born and raised in South Africa, and immigrated to New Zealand in maritz_a_web2007.

She describes herself as being driven by feelings and a compulsive need to paint. Painting is her vehicle, but the expression is her journey. This is no ordinary journey, instead it is a complex image captured through her eyes and imagination.

She experiments with acrylic, taking a playful journey and creating masterful plains of color, almost like building a puzzle. At the same time each little piece, each stroke, is formulating her unique style.

Color inspires the painting or series she produces, pieced together by bold “block like” pattern application.

Paging through books, absorbing nature and it’s plains of color and daily urban scenes triggers her imagination, and music further spurs on her creative process while painting. Her works have been juxtaposed as to looking into the patterned world of Henri Matisse and that of Jean-Michel Basquiat.


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