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Misty Pale Azura Sea

Misty Pale Azura Sea


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Image Size:   27.5″ x 27.5″
Misty Pale Azura Sea
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Heather Ross

Heather Ross, born in New York, was raised and now resides in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. She studied painting, printmaking, textiles & ceramicsross_h_web at Capilano College and the Emily Carr College of Art & Design, and introductory studies in architectural & interior design at UCLA.

In her early twenties, Heather launched Watermark Designs Heather Ross Inc. She custom designed textiles for interiors & created a poetic line of hand-painted linens which sold in finer stores across Canada. In 1994 Heather moved to Paris for two years, where she designed for a French textile house. During this time she loved to escape to the European countryside for inspiration, taking photos & exploring the charming antique markets. Upon her return, her keen eye for photography and unique design sense was noted by an art director and she began styling & shooting for numerous lifestyle publications. She still visits Europe on buying trips for her eclectic gallery/boutique Heather Ross [in house] which she opened in 2001.

Heather most recently returned to her love of painting, & her work as an emerging artist has been very well received. Her paintings, while abstracted, draw upon the elements of the earth, marking our connections to the seasons and draw upon the ephemeral qualities of time and place.

Nature is her constant source of inspiration, and this is seen in all she touches.

She also loves to write, garden & cook and is forever searching for treasures along the shorelines & forest floors.

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