Kerry Lambie
Painting from the shoulder
Landscapes from Ontario’s Northland and rural scenes from Southern Ontario


Key features in Kerry’s work are his Northern Ontario heritage and
his focus on the changing play of light and shadow. His confident
bold line is heightened by use of vibrant colour. He often employs
the sight line of a person walking in the forest, rather than a grandly
sweeping vista. It is a view from the walker’s shoulder.

A native of Kirkland Lake , he was still in his mid teens when he
received an under-age admission to the Ontario College of Art
based on an adjudication of his work. He left after one year for
a winter of painting in Vera Cruz, Mexico .

Kerry was sidetracked by the newspaper business for 35 years
while he and his wife, Bev, raised two children that led in time to
five grandchildren. His career as an editor and publisher
concluded as executive VP and chief operating officer (North
America) of Thomson Newspapers Corp. In 1994, then 55, he
opened a studio on Lakeshore Rd. , near the Port Credit bridge.

His favourite haunt is Temagami, 450 km north of Toronto .

“Temagami is rougher than cottage country. It has a darker
interior. It tastes of stinging-cold winters, dark moose, even
darker bears and black water and grey rocks. It is almost never
pretty but always beautiful. I like the fall and winter when the
architecture of the bush becomes more evident. Leafless trees
are the revealed skeleton of the forest.”

Milos Bojovic
The worlds greatest art student

This is how Milos Bojovic titles himself. This is an odd title for someone that finished his “formal” art schooling over thirty years ago. Born is Serbia in 1960, Milos completed his art studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Serbia. However since then he has never stopped intensely studying the techniques of the Old Masters. Milo is constantly searching for and reading anything he can get his hands on that refers to the Old Masters. Constantly seeking any arcane tip that will further expand his Skills. Using information found in his searching Milos has learned many tips and tricks that enhance his already fantastic talent. Milos has one of those talents that appear natural or God given. This may me true but he daily works at improving his craft. It is rare to find him without a pencil, charcoal or paint brush in hand.
Milos honed his talent throughout the streets and galleries of Europe. Since then Milos has established many collections around the world, and continues to explore the emotional boundaries of representational expression in contemporary art culture. Milos is a master of capturing character and imbuing life into his subjects. Whether it is a portrait of an individual that looks to have a blood flowing under the skin or a teacup that looks as if it could be lifted from the surface of the canvas. Having full confidence in Milos talents and Abilities. Milos is truly a passionate Modern Master.

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